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Lockwood Generation Six Restricted Keying System
With a wide range of applications, the Lockwood Generation Six restricted keying system is an ideal solution to your basic key control needs, providing the perfect balance between security and convenience.
The Lockwood Generation Six restricted keying system offers a range of cylinders to suit both new and retro-fit installations. Cylinders are available to suit all Lockwood commercial locksets and the majority of existing commercial grade hardware installations.

Nickel silver keys for strength

Economical restricted keying system for key


Australian manufactured components

Lockwood proven design and
manufacturing quality

Colour coded inserts for key identification
Generation Six Service Centres
The use of a Generation Six Service Centre permits local servicing of the system for day to day requirements.
Each system is registered and signatory control applies to additional requirements.
ABLOY PROTEC features long lasting legal and physical protection against unauthorised key duplication, a full metal, colour coded key with lifetime warranty against breakage in normal use, and the recognised ABLOY attributes of physical security and durability.
ABLOY PROTEC is recognised as the premium high security mechanical lock system available, and is used extensively by private, commercial and government end users who demand the ultimate in high security master key systems.
ABLOY PROTEC is SCEC Endorsed for Secure Area Applications. The strong, one-piece metal key ensures against expensive on-going key replacement, and the absence of pins and springs provides unmatched resistance to wear and corrosion of internal parts. ABLOY products are built to last.
ABLOY PROTEC is distributed through a highly restricted dealer network. The ABLOY PROTEC dealer network is made up of locksmiths who represent the highest level of professionalism and ethics in the industry. While all locksmiths rely largely on ongoing service of systems for their revenue, ABLOY PROTEC distributors recognise the needs of the end user in relation to product reliability and durability, and respond to those needs by promoting the ABLOY product.
The unique, patented construction of the ABLOY® PROTEC rotating disc cylinder makes it virtually pickproof. Keys and discs use a new principle where cuts are made on two different radii. In addition, the return bars block the discs at 90° if the key and cylinder combinations are not identical.
The ABLOY® PROTEC cylinder not only meets but exceeds international standards for high security including UL 437 and EN 1303.
1.97 billion different key combinations per keyway make it possible to create extensive master-key systems that fulfil your precise specifications.

New patented rotating disc mechanism

Unique disc blocking system DBS™ by return bars

New cylinder construction makes ABLOY® PROTEC virtually pickproof

No springs, pins or other parts to wear out

Superior master-keying possibilities

Smooth, durable and reliable operation that is resistant to both dirt and freezing

Strict key control: duplicate keys only with the key card

Key blanks protected by world-wide patents

Keys are cut using a dedicated ABLOY® key-cutting machine

All metal key

Convenient reversible key

Colour insert for easy identification

The key meets no resistance when it is inserted

Virtually no key wear: no broken, bent or worn keys

Key cuts on two radii (2RTM)
Unique, patented cutting of keys on two radii (2RTM system) ensures keys can only be cut on a dedicated key cutting machine.
DBS stops any attempt to manipulate discs individually in the cylinder by locking the discs together as one solid package, thereby eliminating any attempts to manipulate or bypass the cylinder.
The exceptional master-keying capabilities and excellent local service and support make ABLOY® PROTEC the ideal choice for hospitals, universities and large industrial and government complexes.
Retrofit cylinders can be supplied to fit most applications world-wide.

Australian oval cylinders

ANSI cylinders

DIN cylinders

Scandinavian cylinders

Tubular deadbolts

Finnish cylinders
Abloy Protec
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Automotive Keys & Servicing:

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Re-key and Re-coding of complete car (Stolen & Recovered)

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